Terms of Service

Several important things you need to know, before placing your ads with us.

Before processing your order, we require you to read in full and agree to our Terms of Service in their entirety.

By hiring Adxygen’s services (“We/Us”), the Client (“You”) acknowledge that you have read, understood, agree to and accepted to comply with each and every clause herein:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You are the person directly and legally entitled and responsible for your business’ advertising. In order to avoid false/misleading advertising, in some cases we might perform a research to confirm the validity of the information you provide.
  • Since we don’t place your ads without your prior approval, you agree to take full responsibility (legal, penal, criminal, financial, commercial, social, moral, etc.) for the message you advertise: its meaning, its content (text, audio, visuals, etc.) and its repercussions (possible negative side effects on society).
  • Depending on your ads’ intended reach, you must fully comply with any international, national, regional and local laws and regulations applicable to the countries and locations (city, state, etc.) where your business is registered and operates (home address for individuals), as well as all the legal framework of the territories where you choose to serve your adverts, including foreign countries.
  • You commit yourself to fully read, understand and comply with any Terms of Service, Policies, Conditions, Rules, etc. of any platform we shall use to serve ads on your behalf, including but not limited to the Google and Facebook networks.
  • False or misleading adverts are not allowed under any circumstances. In other words, you must deliver what you promise to your audience, never less.
  • You guarantee that the content of your ads (text, audio, visuals, etc.) has not incurred in any kind of copyright infringement at all.
  • Particular restrictions apply to some countries in certain categories, for example: the banning of political or religious content, etc.
  • By placing your payment and confirming your ad Approval, you authorize us to place your ads on your behalf. Any additional changes you request after submitting your ad Approval may incur in extra charges if placements had already been made.
  • Our terms and policies might change without further notice, but won’t affect your ads being currently served. However, modifications made to our Providers’ policies or States’ laws might de facto affect your ads serving. You will be notified of such circumstances. You’re required to keep yourself up-to-date with any policy or legal framework ruling over your ads.
  • You fully agree to our Liability Waiver:
    • You unconditionally release us (Adxygen), our staff and our providers (e.g. Facebook, Google, etc.) from any liability, including but not limited to financial, legal, criminal or moral responsibility for any consequence derived from policy/law/regulation violations, copyright infringements, or negative side effects caused by your adverts.