A checklist before advertising online

Believe it or not, digital advertising can be the most rewarding and cost-effective way to promote your business nowadays, no matter how big or small it is or where in the world it operates.

To understand this bold statement, which reflects our philosophy very well (“online advertising is to your business’ success as oxygen is to life”), just take a look around you and start counting how many people are on their phones or tablets at this very moment… if you’re at a public place, that is.

Unbelievable, isn’t it? Yes, almost everyone is on a device: playing games, waiting for the subway or MRT, reading the news at a café, posting or liking selfies from a trip, procrastinating from boring work, self-learning on YouTube and so forth.

We can certainly go on and on with this list of familiar situations, but you already got the picture by now. This is the main reason why we say that online advertising can be one of the best investments for your business… it is the smartest way to show your message to the audience you want, wherever they are and always with perfect timing: exactly when they desire or need what you offer.

However, for as powerful and magical as online ads may seem, they will only work if you put the right ingredients into the mix, meaning your digital advertising campaign. Here they are:

  • Clear Marketing Objective
  • Well-defined Audience
  • Cool or Unique Concept
  • Strategy
  • Message
  • Contact Information

Clear Marketing Objective

It’s the goal you want to achieve by advertising online. Your objective should be concise, precise and tangible (something you can measure); the less abstract, wide-ranging or confusing your goal is, the better.


  • Get people to visit my store or website
  • Help people discover my products and services online
  • Find out who might be interested in a promotion (through our lead ads).

Well-defined Audience

This is a must. Not only do you need to know who it is you want to attract, but also understand what kind of people will most likely take positive actions towards your ads. The more details you know about your audience, the bigger the odds of connecting with them effectively.


Female, 18-30, living in France, French-speaking, like sports, have or pursue college degree, live away from their hometown, are single, like cooking, use iPhone.

Cool or Unique Concept

It’s one of the most important ingredients for this recipe, because it can determine whether you are able to attract your audience or not.

The concept is the overall idea that will bring people to your business, by connecting your goal to their needs and desires. It’s the bridge between your ambition and your audience’s feelings. Hook them emotionally and you’ll soon start seeing the cash flowing in.

Although it sounds complicated, the best part is that, just like your marketing objective, your concept should by short and easy to explain.


“Our airline can take you anywhere you can imagine”. View Ad


Every journey needs an itinerary to get us from point A to point B. The strategy, simply put, is that: an itinerary or plan of the best course you can follow to make your concept reach your desired audience and transform it (technically, convert it) efficiently.


If your audience is made of teenagers who love to use Facebook, but don’t like reading so much, then your strategy should consider using “Video Ads”, that have moving images, sound and, usually, very little text.


Essentially, it’s the information you need to send to your audience in order to inform them and produce a positive behavior towards your ad, e.g.: buy or hire your products and services.

The message doesn’t necessarily have to be shown as text. Instead, you may also use sound, still or moving images, including graphics and animations, or a combination of all of them. The important part is to guarantee that people quickly and clearly understand what it is you’re trying to tell them, without room for confusion or misinterpretations.


If you watch the Coca-Cola advert below, you’ll find the following message shown visually (through images only): “Enjoy life with the things that make you happy. You feel great every time you close your eyes to enjoy the best things in life. You’ll feel the same emotion whenever you drink Coca-Cola. Drink it, feel it, enjoy it.”

For this ad, you’ll only run into two sentences in the form of text:

  • “Some moments in life, feel better you’re your eyes closed”.
  • “Taste the feeling” (while someone drinks Coke).

Creative Elements

In few words, these elements refer to all the material you will use to carry your message, capture people’s attention and successfully produce the reactions you want: people visiting your website or buying your products.

Creative elements come in two forms: images (banners, photos, video, animations, graphics, etc.) and sound (voice-over, dialogue, sound effects and music). They are essentially your message inside a body.


The text-only banner (with awesome fonts and layout) you want to use for your ads on popular websites, or the photos you plan to include in your Facebook carousel, or the video commercial with that famous actress that you want to broadcast on YouTube, etc.

Contact information

Unless your business is Coca-Cola, which for many years has been the most famous company in the world, with presence in almost every country, you should make sure not to forget some contact or location information about your business, otherwise, your ads will be ineffective, since people won’t know where to find you.


  • Your store’s address
  • Its website or phone number
  • The physical or electronic place where people can find your products and services.


We really hope you enjoyed this reading and found it useful.

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