Take 4 simple steps to be where it matters:

1 Give us basic information about you, your business and your ads.
2 Choose your preferences: budget you’d like to spend (in USD), as well as people and places you want to reach.
3 Place your order using debit/credit card or Paypal.
4 Send us your ad message (text) and creative materials (banner, photos, videos, etc.)* or, for an additional fee, hire our Creative Services.

* Text and creative materials (images, videos, etc.) provided by the Client (you), must meet technical requirements for each of your chosen ad formats and media networks (Google or Facebook): character limit, dimensions, etc.

How much you pay

Starting at less than U$2 a day (or $50 for 30 days), you choose how much you want to spend for your ads placement and we’ll deduct a variable commission directly from that budget, depending on its total amount.

Your Budget (U$) Deducted Fee
$50* – $500 40%
$500 – $5,000 30%
$5,000 – $15,000 20%
More than $15,000 10%

– You’ll enjoy an even greater discount if you advertise multiple times within a period no longer than 30 days.
– The Deducted Fee covers online ads placement and management solutions only. It DOES NOT include any ad creation: coming up with the concept, making the message and/or producing the banner, photos, videos, etc.
* $50 is the minimum budget allowed. It must be spent within a 30-day or shorter period.

What you’ll get from us

Besides the online placement of your ads, our basic service also includes:

  • Advertising Campaign Advice
  • Target Page Review and Advice
  • Review of your Message’s (text) and Creative Materials’ (photos, videos, etc.) technical specifications
  • Message (text) Alternate Suggestions, based on original (1 suggestion per ad)
  • Photo-Size Optimization: dimensions, aspect ratio and file size (up to 5 images per ad). Does not include design or layout changes of internal elements.
  • Final Results: how many people saw your ad, their ages, genders, locations, etc.

How many people will see your ads

The number of people that will be exposed to your ads is called “Reach” and depends on several factors, such as: the platform you choose (Facebook, Google, etc.), your budget, audience location and availability, etc.

Example: Facebook Ads

Weekly Budget (U$) People*
$50 17,000 – 110,000
$100 25,000 – 160,000
$1,000 390,000 – 1,900,000
$10,000 3,300,000 – 8,100,000

*These reach estimates are based on a campaign for Mexico.

Determining how many people your ads will reach, before they are actually served, can be estimated as an average number only, since its accuracy depends on factors like ad auctions, market and past campaign data, as well as the budget you enter. These estimates don’t guarantee the exact same results.

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